Americans Enter Combat

American knowing that the French had helped the United States during the American Revolution. American Schools still learning about Marquis de Lafayette, who brought French officers to America to help train American soldiers and who served on George Washington's Staff. General John J.Pershing , commander of the American Expeditionary Force arrives in Paris July 4, 1917. They go to Picpus Cemetery where Lafayette Was buried. American troops began arriving in France and the British and French commanders wanted to integrate them into their armies. Which was refused by Pershing and President Wilson supported him. Pershing insisting that the American soldiers fight in american units and under american command. Pershing stood his guard and with only one exception. The 93rd Infantry Division
The 93rd Infantry Division
and African American unit. This unit was transferred to the French and became the first to enter the combat.

Germany's Last offensive

March 21, 1918 The Germans launched a massive attack along the Western Front. Gas attacks and huge artillery bombardment.
American troops played a important role containing the German offensive. May the Americans Launched the first major attack , capturing Cantigny. June 1 , American and French troops blocked the German drive in Paris Chateau-
Thierry. July 15 Germans tried one last attack attempting to take Paris , but American and French Troops held thier ground.

The Battle of the Argonne Forest

An American offensive launched between the Meuse River and The Argonne Forest. General Pershing assembled over 600,000 American troops , 40,000 tons os supplies and 4,000 artillery pieces for a massive attack. September 26,1918 the attack begins causing Germans to slowly fall . By November the Americans had shattered German defenses ,which opened a hole in the eastern flank, and caused the Germans to begin to retreat.