American Heroes

Alvin York
Alvin York

Born in 1887 , York grew up in the poor mountains of Tennessee. In Tennessee he learned to shoot by wild hunting games. At first he was against the war, he tried to avoid being drafted as a conscientious objector a person who doesn't follow the law because of religious beliefs. York was a Christian who believed that he was not allowed to kill anyone. But later he decided that he could fight in a the war.
October 8 ,1918 during the battle of Argonne Forest, German machine guns fired on York's Platoon and killed nine men. York took command and charged the machine guns. At the end of the Battle he had killed between 9 and 25 germans, captured the machine guns ,and took 132 prisoners.
For his action he received the Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre . He returned home and used his fame to raise money for the Alvin York Institute a school for poor Tennessee children .

NAJN8JTZ6pp5nw3jDfhRzmxto1_500.jpgEddie Rickenbacker

Born in Columbus ,Ohio was a famous race car driver. Rickenbacker reflexes from racing helped him as a combat pilot.He was named the commander of the 94th Aero Squadron, the first all American squadron to enter combat. He fought in 134 air battles and shot down 26 aircrafts, becoming the top American combat pilot. During one battle he single handedly fought seven German aircrafts. Which in turn he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The war ends

October 1918, Poland ,Hungary and Czechoslovakia declare independence. Early November , The governments of the Austro-Hungarian empire surrender to to the allies. November 3rd , sailors in Kiel, the main base of Germany fleet, and within day soldiers seize power in other German towns. The revolution spread and the German emperor stepped down. November 9, Germany becomes a republic. Two days later government signed a armistice- a truce, or an agreement to stop fighting. At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, the fighting stopped.
Signing of the armistice